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Conventions (Style Sheet)
AA.VV. ( = Auctores Varii ) is used for Anonymous works or works by more than three authors.
Guidelines for publishers and authors
To announce a book on our website, please send us the details of the publication by e-mail. We cannot guarantee that all the books announced on our site will be reviewed. Please could you send the books only upon our request and directly to the reviewer, whose address we will provide you with.
To propose a publication for review, please send the information to the webmaster, or use the form that you may obtain by clicking here
The information sent by e-mail must include : Author(s) and complete title (pages, illustrations and tables, format, ISBN number and price) place and year of publication, name and address of the publisher (please include a phone number and/or an e-mail address) and if possible a link to order the book.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Guidelines for editors and reviewers
The online review has to be published within three months from the reception of the book. The review is intended to give the reader an idea of the content of the work presenting the information in a comprehensible way. It also has to be critical and refer to the content of the reviewed book so as to give the reader the opportunity to verify the statements of the reviewer. The length of the review should be between 1500 and 2500 words.

The review submitted to the editors should include:
- Complete title of the reviewed book
- Name and affiliation of the reviewer, e-mail address (if you agree to publish it)
- The text of the review

The structure of the review may, according to the nature of the work, present the following elements:
- summary of the book, with an idea of its structure;
- brief presentation of the major issues;
- set the work in the context of scientific production ;
- underline the points that can be debatable ;
- brief conclusion that summarizes your opinion of the book;
- a synopsis of the different essays in the case of a collection or proceedings of a conference.

Please avoid:
- irrelevant assertions
- digressions
- personal attacks
- excessively long or detailed developments
- excessively long quotations

Presentation format:
Please try to avoid footnotes; if it isn’t possible, please number them manually, place the number of the footnotes in parenthesis, i.e. (1), (2), … and the footnote at the end of the text.
The Editors reserve the right to ask the reviewer for corrections or modifications.

Lorenz Baumer, Pascal Griener, François Queyrel et Roland Recht

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